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Meet our medical staff for HGV, LGV, and Taxi Medicals. Our Doctors complete them at your leisure, with evening and weekend appointments available. Our fees include the eye examination.

What is HGV medicals?

These Medical Examinations are carried out by our experienced medical professionals, who are compensated for their efforts. However, it should be noted that if your regulatory organization needs the examination performed by your NHS GP, please get in touch with your Doctor. These tests usually involve an eye test, a medical history, and a physical examination tailored to the organization’s needs, typically height, weight, blood pressure, and a urine test.

Will the doctor need to know what meds I’m taking?

Yes. Please bring a list of all of your medications.

Where can I obtain a D4 medical form?

During your application, please download it from the DVLA website or our website.

At the clinic, we usually have different forms.

Can I wear spectacles or contact lenses?

There are no specific restrictions under DVLA guidelines as long as the eye exam is passed. As a result, if you regularly wear glasses, as long as you pass the exam with your spectacles, you should be fine.

We will specify, PLEASE BRING YOUR PRESCRIPTION FOR THE EYE TESTING. This may be obtained from your local optician and guarantees a quick and painless test.

What if I take pills?

If you use pills that can cause hypoglycemia or low sugar attacks, such as sulphonylureas, you must perform finger prick blood glucose tests at least twice a day and then while driving, i.e. 2 hours before driving and 2 hourly. A self-monitoring book will be requested as proof. You will also need to demonstrate knowledge of diabetes and hypoglycemia.

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We Have Several Clinic Locations Across the UK

Steps to book a medical?

Pick Your Preferred Location

Select the clinic location of your choice for your medical assessment. We offer multiple clinics situated across England.

Secure Your Appointment

To schedule an appointment, use our convenient online booking form. You must provide your details and complete the payment process online.

Receive Confirmation

Once you've booked, a reservation confirmation will be promptly delivered to the email address you provided. Your reservation becomes official only upon receiving this confirmation.

Items to bring to the medical ?

"To ensure a smooth HGV medical appointment, remember to bring the following three essential items:

  • The Form D4 medical form, which your doctor will complete and sign.
  • Your driving licence and counterpart.
  • A record of any medications you are currently taking."

What to expect at the medical ?

If you're gearing up for your HGV medical examination, it's natural to wonder what the process entails. Understanding what to expect can help alleviate any apprehensions and ensure that you are fully prepared for your appointment. Here's a breakdown of what you can anticipate during your HGV medical examination. Learn more.

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