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Don’t let driver medicals stress you out. Precision Driver Medicals in London offers reliable and efficient medicals for drivers. Book your appointment today!

Welcome to Precision Driver Medicals in London

Precision Driver Medicals is your trusted specialist for professional driver medical assessments throughout the United Kingdom, with a dedicated presence in London for HGV, PCO, and Private Hire Medicals. Recognising the critical nature of comprehensive medical evaluations, our GMC-registered doctors are devoted to conducting each assessment with the utmost precision, in strict compliance with DVLA Group 2 standards.

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Global IT Technologies Group, Limited
Global IT Technologies Group, Limited
Great service, the medical practitioner was extremely professional, friendly, calm and made me feel very comfortable around the whole process. Booked to complete the TfL medical forms for a PHL/PCO license application.
Waalow Xuseen
Waalow Xuseen
Getting this place is very easy and hospitality was also wonderful service is accurate worthwhile
Paul Green
Paul Green
The service was first class and the doctor was was polite.
Roman Zabolotnyj
Roman Zabolotnyj
Convenient service, registration, price. Friendly staff. Recommend.
Judit Toszegi
Judit Toszegi
Easy and quick service. Thank you.
Hassan Gul
Hassan Gul
reliable and quick service!
Saeed Akhtar
Saeed Akhtar
Easy booking. Polite medical staff. Thoroughly done.

Why Choose Us for Your Driver Medical in London?

Expert Medical Team: Our medical professionals are GMC-registered, bringing a wealth of experience to the driver medical assessments they conduct. They meticulously ensure your medical is performed precisely, adhering to all the requisite standards.

Flexible Appointments: Understanding the demanding schedules of professional drivers, we offer adaptable appointment times, including daytime, evening, and weekend slots, all arranged to integrate seamlessly into your busy life.

Comprehensive Assessments: We thoroughly address every aspect of the HGV, PCO, and Private Hire Medical examinations, guaranteeing you fulfil the DVLA Group 2 medical standards essential for your driving profession.

Convenient Locations: As we expand our reach across the United Kingdom, our London facility is strategically located to offer accessible, professional, and efficient services in a welcoming environment.

How it Works

3 Easy Steps

What is the address?

Churchill House 137-139 Brent St, London NW4 4DJ

Phone: 02038343185

Is there parking outside?

Limited number of street parking is available within marked bays.

Parking at Back of building, inform reception.

Are there forms available at the clinic?

Please contact our team for further details concerning forms. Or Call.

Booking Your Appointment in London with Precision Driver Medicals

How Can I Schedule My Appointment?

Securing your appointment with Precision Driver Medicals in London is straightforward. Visit our website and select the London location from the options available, or contact us using the contact information provided. We understand the varied schedules of our clients, offering flexible booking times, including daytime, evenings, and weekends, to suit your convenience.

Our Services in London

What Services Are Offered by Precision Driver Medicals in London?

In London, Precision Driver Medicals delivers a range of specialised medical assessments for professional drivers. This includes HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) medicals, PCO (Private Hire Vehicle Operator’s Licence) medicals, and Private Hire Medical examinations, all designed to comply with the DVLA Group 2 medical standards necessary for obtaining or renewing professional driving licenses.

Conducting the Medical Assessments

Who Performs the Medical Assessments?

Our medical evaluations are exclusively carried out by doctors licensed by the General Medical Council (GMC), experts in driver medical examinations. Their extensive expertise and training guarantee that your assessment is conducted thoroughly, adhering to all DVLA regulations.

Preparing for Your Examination

What Should I Bring to My Medical Examination?

For your medical examination in London, please bring your current driving licence, any visual aids (glasses or contact lenses) you use while driving, and a list of any medication you’re currently on. Also, bring any relevant medical documentation or correspondence from your GP or specialists.

Duration of the Medical Examination

How Long Will the Medical Examination Take?

The medical examination usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, subject to the complexity of your medical history and the specific examination required.

After Your Examination

What Happens Post-Examination?

Upon your examination, our GMC-licensed doctor will complete all necessary DVLA documentation. You’ll receive the documents needed to proceed with your license application or renewal if you meet all the required standards. Occasionally, additional information or tests might be requested.

Appointment Availability

Is There a Waiting Period for Appointments?

We endeavour to schedule appointments promptly, although availability can fluctuate due to demand and our doctors’ schedules. We advise booking well in advance to ensure a slot that best suits your needs.

Modifying Your Appointment

Can I Cancel or Reschedule My Appointment?

Should you need to cancel or change your appointment, please inform us at least 24 hours beforehand to avoid any cancellation charges or to rearrange your appointment without extra costs.

Choosing Precision Driver Medicals in London

Why Opt for Precision Driver Medicals for Your Driving Medical in London?

Opting for Precision Driver Medicals in London means choosing a service committed to meticulous medical assessments conducted by GMC-licensed doctors, flexibility in scheduling, and full support throughout your assessment process. Our dedication to quality and strict adherence to DVLA Group 2 standards positions us as the premier choice for professional drivers in London.

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Affordable and Professional Driver Medical Services in London

Navigating the long wait times and high costs associated with GP visits for your HGV medical can be daunting. In London, securing an appointment might take over three weeks, with fees surpassing £100. Precision Driver Medical is the capital’s most economical and efficient choice for HGV and taxi medical assessments.

Our London clinic boasts a team of GMC-registered doctors dedicated to facilitating your medical examination process swiftly and accurately, ensuring compliance and convenience.

Precision Driver Medicals: Comprehensive D4 Medical Assessments for HGV/PCV/LGV in London

Located in the heart of London, Precision Driver Medical is your go-to destination for thorough HGV driver medical evaluations at an unbeatable value. Our experienced medical practitioners are adept at conducting extensive examinations for HGV, PCV, and LGV drivers, guiding you through the D4 medical documentation with precision and care. Our all-inclusive service also features an eye test, streamlining the process by negating the need for additional bookings. With a commitment to affordability, our HGV driver medical services are offered at the competitive rate of only £50, marking us as the premier choice in London.

Truck Driver Medicals in London

For truck drivers seeking a D4/HGV medical evaluation in London, Precision Driver Medical provides unparalleled expertise. Our medical experts are versed in the intricate assessments tailored for truck drivers, ensuring a thorough examination that adheres to industry standards and regulations. Opt for Precision Driver Medical for a detailed and regulation-compliant medical assessment designed to meet the specific needs of the truck driving profession.

London Taxi Driver Medical Assessments

If you’re a taxi or private hire driver in London, our expert services are here to assist you in meeting the medical standards required for your profession. Recognised by several local authorities, including those within the Greater London area, our medical assessments adhere to the specific requirements set by each council. Whether you’re applying for the first time or renewing your license, our skilled medical professionals will conduct a comprehensive examination to ensure you’re fit to drive. For more details on the requirements specific to each London council, please visit our dedicated taxi medical services page.

Paramedic (C1) Medical Assessments in London

Completing your paramedic science training is a significant milestone for aspiring paramedics in London. A crucial step towards achieving your career goals is passing the C1 driver medical assessment necessary for obtaining your license. Our GMC-registered doctors specialise in detailed C1 medical evaluations, ensuring you meet all the essential criteria. We offer these vital assessments at a competitive price of £50, supporting your journey into the paramedic profession.

Book Your London Driver Medical Today

Our London clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional driver medical services, ensuring your experience is handled with the highest level of care and precision. Renowned for our competitive pricing and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we’ve garnered extensive positive feedback from our satisfied clients. If you have any questions or are ready to arrange your driver’s medical assessment, please visit our booking page or contact our attentive team. At our London location, we’re committed to helping you fulfil all medical prerequisites for your driving license. Schedule your D4 medical appointment with us now and take the next step towards securing your professional driving career.

What Is the Cost of a Driver's Medical Examination?

Examination fees vary based on the assessment type. For current prices, please check our website or contact us directly.

HGV Medical Cost in UK

  • HGV Medical: £50

  • Driver Medical: £50

  • C1 Medical: £50

  • Lorry Medical: £50

  • PCV Medical: £50

  • D4 Medical: £50

What Happens At A HGV Medical

Scheduling your appointment has never been simpler.

Utilise our online booking system to secure your slot at a convenient location nearby, tailored for Precision Driver Medicals.

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