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Welcome to Precision Driver Medicals, the leading provider of taxi driver medicals in London. Our team of skilled medical specialists is committed to ensuring that taxi drivers have the appropriate health certifications to drive safely and offer dependable transportation services. In this post, we’ll talk about how crucial it is to obtain your taxi driver medical in London and how Precision Driver Medicals can help. So let’s get started!

What is taxi driver medicals?

The term “taxi driver medicals” refers to the medical tests required of taxi drivers to determine their fitness to operate a vehicle and provide transportation services. The driver’s vision, hearing, cardiovascular fitness, and overall health are all evaluated during these medical examinations. Taxi drivers must undergo medical examinations to operate a vehicle safely and preserve their own health and the health of their passengers. These medical tests are particularly crucial in London since they are required by the relevant authorities to uphold high safety standards in the transport sector.

Understanding the Taxi Driver Medicals Process

To retain your professional status as a cab driver in the UK and to guarantee that you are fit to drive, you must regularly pass medical exams. The steps involved in getting a taxi driver’s medical:

  1. Booking an Appointment
  2. Medical History Review
  3. Vision and Hearing Tests
  4. Cardiovascular Assessment
  5. Other Medical Checks
  6. Drug and Alcohol Screening
  7. Medical Certificate

Remember that you must arrange for routine medical exams per the standards established by your licencing body. Putting your health and safety first, you help ensure your passengers receive dependable and secure service.

Why do taxi drivers need medical certificates?

Taxi drivers must possess medical certificates to prove their fitness to operate a vehicle and that they do not endanger themselves or their passengers. These certificates must be renewed every few years and are mandated by Transport for London (TfL). The medical examination entails a physical exam, a driver’s medical history review, and a vision test. Taxi drivers should put their own health and safety first, as well as the safety of the passengers they carry.

Why Choose Precision Driver Medicals in London?

It would help to have a trustworthy medical professional regarding your health and ensure you can drive a taxi safely in London. The following benefits make Precision Driver Medicals the go-to company for taxi driver medical evaluations:

Convenient Locations.

Precision Driver Medicals has multiple locations throughout London, making it easy and convenient for our patients to access our services. Our clinics are in easily accessible areas, with ample parking and public transport links. Our patients have busy schedules, so we offer flexible appointment times to suit their needs. Whether you need a driver medical for work or personal reasons, We make it simple for you to receive the care you require at the appropriate time.

Quick and Efficient Service.

At Precision Driver Medicals, we understand that our patients have busy lives and need quick and efficient service. That’s why we offer same-day appointments and strive to keep wait times minimum.

We have experts on hand to guide you through the process. and quickly see that you get the required attention. In addition, we enjoy offering a high-quality, quick, and efficient service so you can resume your day with as little interruption as possible.

Competitive Pricing.

Precision Driver Medicals is committed to making quality healthcare available to all individuals. We provide Taxi driver medicals in London at competitive prices. We know that medical costs can accumulate rapidly, and we aim to provide reasonably priced services to our clients. And we always aim to deliver high-quality care despite our prices being affordable. When you select Precision Driver Medicals for your driver’s medical needs, you can be confident that you are receiving the most cost-effective option.

Area Coverage:

Regular medical exams are crucial for taxi drivers.

Prioritising your health and safety is crucial as a taxi driver. Undergoing routine medical check-ups can help confirm your physical fitness for driving and also aid in identifying any possible health concerns at an early stage. Precision Driver Medicals specialises in conducting taxi driver medical exams that comply with the standards, recommendations, and regulations that are set up by each Council. Our comprehensive examinations include a range of assessments, including a free Eye check and blood pressure checks, and we will take you through the questionnaires smoothly. Please book your appointment with us today.

How to arrange your medical?

You can book your Taxi/Private Hire medical easily by clicking the Book Now button below.

Preparing for the Medical Examination

You must prepare to ensure a smooth and fast medical examination for Taxi Driver Medicals in London with Precision Driver Medicals. Important steps:

  1. Prepare documents: Gather all exam documents and forms. Identification, medical data, and medical provider or licencing authority paperwork may be included.
  2. Review medical history: Write down any pre-existing conditions, surgeries, or drugs you take. To ensure a thorough exam, supply accurate information.
  3. Before the exam, tell the doctor about any health issues. They can prepare and test accordingly. Disclose medical information.
  4. Avoid caffeine and nicotine before your exam. These medications may alter your blood pressure and heart rate, skewing exam results.
  5. Get a good night’s sleep before the exam. Sleeping enough helps you stay healthy physically and mentally.
  6. Stay hydrated for accurate blood pressure readings and overall health. Hydrate before the exam by drinking enough water.
  7. Follow fasting instructions: Your medical tests may require you to fast. Fast as instructed by your doctor to get reliable blood test results.
  8. Dress comfortably on exam day. Choose loose-fitting clothing for easy movement and access to places like the arms for blood pressure measurements.

These preparation strategies can help you pass your Precision Driver Medicals London taxi driver medical exam. Accurate and thorough preparation ensures the best health and taxi driver suitability assessment.

Low Cost HGV/PCV & Bus Medical including free Eye Test

HGV AND PCV drivers require medicals throughout their career.

New Drivers

45 years and older

65 years and older

HGV Medical

What You Can Anticipate During Your Medical Examination for a Taxi License.

At Precision Driver Medicals, we empathise that undergoing a medical examination can be an anxiety-inducing experience. We aim to ensure that the process is seamless and hassle-free for our clients. Our friendly staff will guide you through a series of tests and assessments during your taxi driver medical exam to ensure that you meet the requirements for safe driving. The medical examinations may comprise assessments for vision, evaluations of blood pressure, and a thorough review of your medical records.

Taxi / Private Hire Medical Requirements:

We offer these Medicals for private hire /  Taxi   /PCO Drivers; contact your Council for any specific requirements; either a summary or full medical records may be required.  Request your  medical records and bring them along for your appointment

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frequently asked questions (FAQs)

For Taxi driver medicals in London

To obtain taxi driver medicals in London, you must meet specific requirements set by the licensing authority. These requirements typically include being of a minimum age, possessing a valid driving license, and passing a medical examination to ensure you are fit to drive. Additionally, you may need to provide relevant documents such as identification, previous medical records, and specific forms provided by the licensing authority.

Several medical clinics and healthcare providers in London offer taxi drivers medical examinations. Some recommended options include Precision Driver Medicals, City Medicals, and London Medicals. Choosing a reputable medical provider approved by the licensing authority and specialising in conducting medical examinations for taxi drivers is advisable.

In London, taxi driver medical certificate renewal frequency varies depending on the licensing authority's regulations. Typically, you will need to renew your medical certificate every few years. It is essential to stay informed about the specific renewal requirements set by the licensing authority to ensure compliance.


While you have some flexibility in choosing a medical clinic for your taxi driver medical examination in London, selecting a clinic approved by the licensing authority is advisable. Approved clinics have the expertise and equipment to conduct the required medical assessments accurately and comply with the licensing regulations.


A taxi driver medical examination in London typically includes various tests to assess your overall health and fitness to drive. These may include vision and hearing tests, blood pressure measurements, assessment of general health conditions, and possibly additional tests based on specific licensing authority requirements for taxi drivers.

The duration of a taxi driver medical examination in London can vary depending on factors such as the assessments' complexity and the licensing authority's specific requirements. On average, the examination may take around 30 minutes to an hour. However, allocating sufficient time for the examination is advisable to ensure a thorough assessment.

If you fail the taxi driver medical assessment in London, you still need to meet the medical requirements set by the licensing authority. In such cases, you may need to address the medical issues identified, seek appropriate treatment or management, and reapply for the medical examination once the concerns have been resolved. It is essential to consult the licensing authority to guide the specific steps after failing the medical assessment.

Yes, you can usually request a copy of your taxi driver medical assessment results in London. It is recommended to inquire about obtaining a copy directly from the medical clinic or provider where you underwent the examination. They will guide you on the necessary steps and any associated fees for obtaining a copy of your medical assessment results.

The licensing authority in London may provide exemptions or accommodations for individuals with disabilities, depending on the nature and extent of the disability. Contacting the licensing authority directly to inquire about the specific policies and procedures for requesting exemptions or accommodations is essential. They will guide the documentation and requirements necessary to assess your eligibility and determine appropriate accommodations, if applicable.


For more information about driver medical examinations in London, visit our website or contact our team directly. We will gladly provide detailed information and assist you with any queries.

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