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D4 Driver Medical Bournemouth – Our local, affordable, and skilled doctors will perform your driver medical at your convenience.

We offer D4 driver medical assessments to all sorts of vehicle operators, including commercial HGV and PCV drivers. Such as minibuses and coaches, construction sector drivers, taxi drivers, motorhome drivers, and student paramedics. Precisiondrivermedicals  can provide a quality D4 driver medical service with extras such as a chain of custody for drug and alcohol screenings at the time of the medical if you run a business that employs several drivers. Bournemouth HGV & Bus Medicals £50 (Includes Eye Test)

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Types of D4 medicals we can provide in Bournemouth:

HGV & PCV – HGV and PCV drivers must undergo medical examinations throughout their careers. On application, every 5 years after the age of 45, and every year beyond the age of 65.

Construction Workers – Many businesses conduct annual medicals as well as drug and alcohol testing. We can conduct these medicals on-site to minimise disruption to your workforce.

Motor Home – A D4 medical is required in order to obtain a C1 licence and drive a motorhome. If you passed your driving test prior to 1997, you will be issued a C1 licence until the age of 70. It must then be renewed every three years.

Student Paramedics – A D4 medical is required for student paramedics to obtain a provisional C1 license. This is frequently done in the final year of undergraduate education.

Taxi Drivers – The government suggests that taxi drivers meet the same standards as bus and truck drivers.

D4 driver medical  Bournemouth – Book your Bournemouth HGV/PCV medical today        

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Save time & money on your D4 Driver Medical

To complete an HGV medical or PCV medical in Watford, you need to be assessed by a doctor who will verify that you are fit to drive. Unfortunately, most GPs see you at a convenient time for them and then charge you a fortune. This usually means you must take a day off and pay for the privilege.

At Precisiondrivermedicals we see things a little differently. We know that you want to:

  • See a Doctor where and when it suits you
  • Save as much money as you can on a D4 driver medical
  • Spend as little time possible waiting for an appointment

We are low-cost, local, and competent, and our trained doctors will complete your driver medical at the most convenient time.

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D4 Driver Medicals Bournemouth – Medical D4 form FAQs

Who can complete a DVLA D4 driver Medical?

The DVLA D4 Driver Medical can be completed by any doctor fully registered with the GMC (General Medical Council) and licensed to practise medicine in the UK. This can be your primary care physician or a private firm such as D4Drivers, whose doctors specialise in D4 medicals. Furthermore, EU-registered doctors can complete the D4 medical for drivers who have had their medical completed outside of the UK.

We strongly advise scheduling your medical with a reputable provider with doctors who have completed driver medicals.

Where can I get the paperwork for a D4 Driver medical?

All our doctors have copies of the D4 medical form on hand, but we always recommend bringing your copy to your appointment to be safe. You can get a copy of the D4 medical form here:

  • D4 Medical form (Click To Download Form)
  • You can order a D2 and D4 medical form pack from DVLA by post:
  • Some post offices stock D2 forms or failing that your local HGV/PCV training school should have spare copies. If you are renewing your group 2 licence you will be sent a D47P renewal form from DVLA, this is only available by post.

If you are applying for your first group 2 licence, you will also need to complete a D2 application form and have a D4 medical done by a doctor. If you renew a group 2 licence, the DVLA will send you a D47P renewal form with your D4 medical form instead of a D2 application form. And, If you misplace your D47P renewal form while renewing your group 2 licence, you can use a D2 application form instead.

Please remember that our doctors will only complete the D4 medical form and will not assist you in achieving a D2 application or a D47P renewal form. Book an Appointment for D4 driver medical in  Bournemouth.

What happens during a Driver medical assessment?

The doctor will examine you in accordance with the requirements of the relevant D4 Medical Form.

During the medical our Doctor will:

  • Complete an eye exam (if you wear glasses or contact lenses, one without and one while wearing them).
  • Record your blood pressure
  • List on the D4 Form any medication you’re currently taking
  • Ask about your previous medical history (these questions are on the form and are compulsory).

Once the medical is completed, you must sign the back page to confirm that you provided the correct information to the doctor. It will help if you double-check that the form is fully completed and accurate before ticking the box at the bottom. This is critical because if there are any errors or omissions, the form is returned to you by the DVLA, who consider this to be the driver’s responsibility.

Once you submit the form to the DVLA, they will accept or reject your application and explain why. Book your D4 driver medical in Bournemouth for  £50.

How long does a medical take?

It is difficult to estimate how long a D4 medical examination will take. Someone with a non-eventful medical history and who is relatively fit and healthy will have a shorter medical than someone with a complex medical history and/or current medical conditions, such as repeat blood pressure checks. The medical takes about 10-15 minutes on average, and we allow at least a 15-minute slot per medical, which is longer than the average NHS GP consultation.

Can I wear glasses or contact lenses and it is an eye test included?

Even if you only fulfil the eyesight standard when wearing glasses or contact lenses, you can drive a group 2 car. If this is the case, a code will be added to your licence requiring you to wear them while driving group 2 cars.

As part of the D4 medical, we perform an eye test, and if you use glasses, you must bring your optical prescription. On a Snellen chart, the minimal need is 6/7.5 in the better and 6/60 in the worse. If our doctor determines that you do not meet the standard, we will request that you contact your optician to complete this portion in the interest of road safety.

How far in advance do I need to Book a d4 driver medical?

We usually strive to meet drivers as soon as possible, and at times that work for you, so you don’t have to miss work, but our clinics are pretty famous, so please get in touch with us as soon as possible. Call us at 02038343185, email, or book online, and we can offer you a variety of appointments at your nearest centre (s), including evening and weekend appointments.

Is there anything that I need to bring to my Appointment?

The following are the 5 items you must bring to the doctor for your driver’s medical examination:

  1. D4 Medical Form (or form relating to the medical you have booked)
  2. Driving licence (or passport if your licence is currently with DVLA or lost)
  3. Your driving glasses and optical prescription (for the ‘uncorrected vision’ eye test, contact lenses must be removed);
  4. A list of all your current medication, the dosages and the dates you began taking them
  5. Any hospital letters or details of hospital consultants who are treating you;

The medical form requires detailed medical information from you, so please bring as much information as possible so that our Doctor can adequately complete the form. For example, if you have a cardiac condition, we need to know about it to complete this form area. Likewise, we require three previous readings if you have high blood pressure and take medicine.

We provide a D4 Form with every HGV/PCV driver medical in Bournemouth, however you can download a form here:

DVLA D4 Medical Form

Once I’ve send the form off how long before I get my updated license back?

During COVID-19, the DVLA stated that there are longer wait times because many of their employees work from home, but they prioritise applications from critical workers such as HGV/PCV drivers.

Before COVID-19, the DVLA advised that you should allow 2-3 weeks, but they have previously confirmed in a Freedom of Information request that over 99% of cases are handled within a week- but we always advise allowing 3 weeks.

How long does the D3 driver medical last for?

The DVLA D4 medical form is valid for 4 months from the date of the Doctor’s signature (ie. date of D4 form completion), so you must submit the paperwork to DVLA within 4 months of your medical for it to be accepted. For example, for group 2 licence categories to be added to your licence or for your licence to be renewed. Please remember that this does not imply that you must pass your HGV/PCV theory or practical driving test within four months.

If this is your first application, the additional provisional categories on your licence will be available to view online but will not appear on your real photocard driving licence.

What if I have medical condition?

Because of the weight of the vehicles and the possibility of carrying a large number of people, driving group 2 vehicles, such as HGVs or buses, is subject to tighter laws than driving group 1 vehicle, such as automobiles and motorcycles.


If you have diabetes, you can still hold a category 2 licence. However, you must demonstrate that you have diabetes under control, including taking frequent blood sugar measurements.


Depending on the degree of fainting/seizures, various medical guidelines exist for these disorders.

Hypertension (High blood pressure) (High blood pressure)

If your blood pressure is consistently 180/100 or higher, you will not be awarded a group 2 licence. Please bring three previous blood pressure readings if you have high blood pressure and take anti-hypertensive medication.

Precisiondrivermedicals provide a D4 Form with every HGV/PCV driver medical in Bournemouth for £50. Book your Bournemouth  HGV/PCV medical today.

Psychosomatic Illness

If you have experienced a psychotic illness within the last 12 months, you are unlikely to be granted a licence.

Please keep in mind that the DVLA has a team of experts that specialise in each area of medicine, and if a medical issue is mentioned, the application will be investigated case-by-case. learn more about d4 driver medical examination.

Steps To Book A Medical?

 Pick Your Preferred Location

Select the clinic location of your choice for your medical assessment. We offer multiple clinics situated across UK.

Secure Your Appointment

To schedule an appointment, use our convenient online booking form. You must provide your details and complete the payment process online.

Receive Confirmation

Once you’ve booked, a reservation confirmation will be promptly delivered to the email address you provided. Your reservation becomes official only upon receiving this confirmation.

Items To Bring To The Medical ?

“To ensure a smooth HGV medical appointment, remember to bring the following three essential items:

  • The Form D4 medical form, which your doctor will complete and sign.
  • Your driving licence and counterpart.
  • A record of any medications you are currently taking.”

What To Expect At The Medical ?

If you’re gearing up for your HGV medical examination, it’s natural to wonder what the process entails. Understanding what to expect can help alleviate any apprehensions and ensure that you are fully prepared for your appointment. Here’s a breakdown of what you can anticipate during your HGV medical examination. Learn more.

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