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Discover top-tier Driver Medical assessments in Peterborough with Precision Driver Medicals. Ensure your driving fitness with our DVLA-compliant services. Book your appointment today for a hassle-free experience!

Welcome to Precision Driver Medicals – Your Trusted Partner for HGV and PCO Medicals in Peterborough, UK.

Are you in search of reliable and professional HGV and PCO medical services in Peterborough? Look no further than Precision Driver Medicals. With a commitment to providing top-notch medical assessments for HGV drivers, taxi drivers, and private hire operators, we pride ourselves on being the go-to choice for individuals seeking efficient and affordable driver medicals.

Our Services in Peterborough, UK

At Precision Driver Medicals, we specialize in a range of medical assessments tailored to meet the specific needs of HGV drivers, taxi drivers, and private hire operators. Our services include:

  1. HGV Medicals: Our expert team of GMC licensed doctors in Peterborough ensures that your HGV medical assessment is conducted with precision, adhering to DVLA Group 2 standards. Starting at just £50, our HGV medicals are affordable and cater to the busy schedules of drivers with appointments available during the day, evening, and weekends.

  2. D4/PCO Medicals: If you’re a taxi driver or private hire operator, our D4/PCO medicals are designed to meet the necessary requirements for licensing. Starting at £50, our comprehensive D4/PCO medicals include a free eye test to ensure you meet all the necessary criteria.

  3. Driver Medicals: Whether you’re a professional driver or require a medical assessment for other purposes, our general driver medicals cater to a broad spectrum of needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to completing these assessments accurately and efficiently.

  4. HGV Licence: Obtaining or renewing your HGV licence? Precision Driver Medicals in Peterborough is your one-stop solution. Our thorough medical assessments ensure that you meet the necessary health standards for a valid HGV licence.

  5. Taxi Driver Medical: If you’re a taxi driver in Peterborough, our taxi driver medicals are specifically designed to meet the licensing requirements. Book easily online or call us to schedule an appointment that suits your convenience.

Why Choose Precision Driver Medicals in Peterborough, UK?

  • Professional Expertise: All our doctors are GMC licensed and possess the necessary skills to conduct accurate and reliable medical assessments, ensuring compliance with DVLA Group 2 standards.

  • Affordable Pricing: We understand the financial considerations of drivers. Our services start at £50, making quality driver medicals accessible to all.

  • Flexible Appointments: To accommodate the busy schedules of drivers, we offer appointments during the day, evening, and weekends, providing flexibility and convenience.

  • Easy Booking Process: Booking your HGV, D4/PCO, or taxi driver medical in Peterborough is a breeze with Precision Driver Medicals. You can either book online or call us directly to secure your appointment.

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